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A podcast dedicated to those who are entering and surviving the

"real world."


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John Holst

I’m in my mid 20’s and constantly feel like I’m a 4-year-old pretending to be a grown-up. I am a single guy, but I try hard to make my apartment somewhat clean. When I’m not busy being Ryan Gosling's body double, I try to read deep philosophical texts, I enjoy the arts, rescuing and raising endangered rhinos and cooking gourmet meals. I may not have any money saved for my retirement, but at least I get my oil changed somewhat regularly. Now, that's an adulting win!

Shawna Young

 I am married to my high school sweetheart, mom to 3 amazing kiddos navigating through this up and down whirlwind called life as an ADULT! Join me in this journey of adulthood where every single day God humbles me as I try to figure out how to successfully "Adult" in-between tantrums, homework, housework, marriage, and motherhood all while trying to enjoy my coffee HOT! I may not always know what I am doing, but I am excited to share what I have learned!

Caleb Williams

I am the grizzly veteran of the Adulting crew. I just hit my peak performance years as a husband, athlete, broadcaster, and gaming on easy mode. A master Uno card player, I also enjoy bothering John about bad movies, cornhole domination and watching Premier League Soccer. Yet, as a first-time homeowner, I am quickly learning that somethings must be put aside for more important things. Like figuring out where that weird smell is coming from....


Every week we will share someone's adulting wins. If we use your adulting win on the show, we'll send you one of our Welcome to Adulting buttons. You can do this! We can't wait to hear all of your wins! Email us at info@welcometoadulting.com!


We're here for you. Welcome to Adulting is a podcast dedicated to those who are entering and surviving the "real world." The hosts will share their experiences (good and bad) to remind you that you are not alone. The goal of Welcome to Adulting is to create an online support group where people will find hope, strength & encouragement.


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